Artist-In-Residence Program

In anticipation for 2018, take a look back at the 2017 Generating Momentum Artists-in-Residence, Michelle Harazny and Jamie Slawson!

Michelle and Jamie started the art duo JaM in the spring of 2017 with their first performance at the International Puppet Underground Festival. Both artists are interested in using their art and public engagement to promote inclusivity and social responsibility.

About Michelle

Michelle Lynn Harazny is an artist, creator, organizer, and facilitator based in Regina, SK. Michelle likes to dabble in visual and performing arts such as ceramics,
puppetry, and fashion. She is a facilitator for stencil making and papercraft workshops.
Michelle grew up in Regina, lived in Montreal for 8 years, and recently moved back to
her hometown in 2017.

Michelle has been creating stencils since 2010 with the Wall of Femmes
collective. Wall of Femmes was inspired by an all-women collective in New Zealand
called Queen of the Neighbourhood, who published a book called Revolutionary
Women, A Book of Stencils in 2010. Based on a similar idea, Wall of Femmes produces
stencils and public art to highlight women, cis, queer, and trans, who they find
inspirational. The women highlighted are often controversial- they broke rules and
didn’t ask permission for what they did.

About Jamie

Born June 24, 1986 in Regina, SK. Interested in art from a young age, Jamie attended
the University of Regina, receiving his BFA in 2009. Mainly working on portraits, Jamie
paints emotionally resonant images that are meant to establish a connection between
subject and viewer.

Doing portraiture since 2008 Jamie Slawson uses his artwork as a way to explore and
engage with the community around him. Currently working on an exhibition on
transgender, non-binary and queer people in Saskatchewan, Jamie is interested in
highlighting the diversity of the population many people may choose to know little or
nothing about and challenging that bias though exhibiting trans, non-binary and queer
courage and beauty in his paintings.

The Artists-in-Residence were selected through a Call for Proposals process initiated in the Spring of 2017.